Behind the Scenes On Our Latest Shoot

A fun little behind the scenes video from the last shoot - thanks to Luke Schiltz for shooting and Kelly Sanchez for editing!

Music by Monsieur Periné - La Playa Fashion Editor: Lance Avery Morgan @lance_avery_morgan. Fashion Stylist: Danica Suskin @danicasus. Models: Demi Barrington @demi_barrington (Mazza Models @mazzamodels) & Alex Kemsley @alexandria.kemsley. Producer: Kelly Sanchez @sanchez_shoots. Prop Stylist: Lisa Keefauver @lisakeefauver22, Props: Loot Vintage Rentals @lootvintagerentals. Hair: Monica Marquez @monica_marquez and Mikel Ramos. Make Up: Lauren Garcia @laurengarciamakeup. Nails: Elaine Khong @elaine_nailedit. Assistants: Britton Orrange @borrange, John Almarez, Luke Schiltz @lukeschiltz. Puppy: Acorn @mawwilson44 Location: The Laguna Gloria @TheContemporaryAustin


To The Manor Worn

Our latest shoot for The Society Diaries Magazine was by far my favorite fashion editorial to date. Incredible team, gorgeous, vibrant models, unbelievable clothes  and accessories and one of the most lovely locations in Austin.  Most exciting for me was partnering with my extraordinary sister. #sisterteam.

Fashion Editor: Lance Avery Morgan @lance_avery_morgan. Fashion Stylist: Danica Suskin  @danicasus.  Models: Demi Barrington @demi_barrington (Mazza Models @mazzamodels) & Alex Kemsley @alexandria.kemsley. Producer: Kelly Sanchez @sanchez_shoots. Prop Stylist: Lisa Keefauver @lisakeefauver22, Props: Loot Vintage Rentals @lootvintagerentals. Hair: Monica Marquez @monica_marquez and Mikel Ramos. Make Up: Lauren Garcia @laurengarciamakeup. Nails: Elaine Khong @elaine_nailedit. Assistants: Britton Orrange @borrange, John Alverez, Luke Schiltz @lukeschiltz. Puppy: Acorn @mawwilson44 Location: The Laguna Gloria @TheContemporaryAustin


Always love working with this beauty and my talented sister.

Fashion Styling: Danica Suskin @danicasus

Model: Michelle Mitchell @modelmitch

Shout out to local design talent Mysterious by NPN @mysteriousbynpn (2nd image, mermaid pink/gold dress) and Becky Hollands @ (silver backless dress 4th down)



Sammy & Demi

Such a fun fashion shoot with these two gorgeous amazon women Sammy & Demi. Here are some highlights. More from this team coming....!

Samantha Rodriguez - Mazza Models @sammyrodriguez11

Demi Barrington - Mazza Models @demi_barrington

Art Direction & Styling by Danica Suskin @danicasus

Hair & Make Up by Jessi Pagel Diaz of  @firemakeup

Production Support - Rey Diaz

Props by Big Berthas Paradise Vintage @berthasparadise


Steve Aoki

When I was living in LA I had the opportunity to shoot a 21 year old force of nature named Steve Aoki in the newly renovated Roosevelt Hotel on Sunset blvd in Hollywood. We were given a suite and a day to play. Steve had just started Dim Mak records. He was everything about the city at that time that we all wanted to be part of, music, fashion, insider-ness. He had boundless energy but his stillness and focus was what was truly startling about him - a quality that showed up on these images I think.

In honor of his film "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" which was released from Netflix this week, here is Steve Aoki.

Moj and Roya

These portraits of my dear friends Moj Mahdara and Roya Rastegar were taken in their lovely home in LA not long ago.

Recently engaged (mozel Moj & Roya!) this power team is steadily taking the reins of LA’s cultural frontier. Their moment has definitely arrived. 

Roya is an effervescent soul and a heavy weight intellect. A writer, the Director of Programing for the LA Film Festival, a professor,  a feminist who studied under Angela Davis while completing her PhD in the History of Consciousness (!!) she is stylish, quirky and deeply kind.  A total knock out to boot. Don't be confused she's in charge. 

Moj translated means wave in Farsi and truly she is a tsunami. A true force of nature. She is the power house CEO of Beautycon, listed as one this year's top 100 most creative people in Fast Co, featured in Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire Magazine’s…and that’s just this year. But that’s nothing compared to this weeks delivery. 

Yesterday my bestie hosted and introduced Hillary Rodham Clinton to a select group of digital content creators and their millions of fans in an unprecedented, live streamed town hall featured on Hillary’s Facebook page. You can read about it here.

Continually Inspired and awed by my friends. #Iambecauseyouare

Modern Family Portrait

The term 'family portrait' may bring a dreaded memory to many who endured cliche annual family portraits growing up.  Stiff and awkward smiles and a photographer you don't know asking you to hug your brother like you mean it (ugh!). These notions tend to shrink enthusiasm in my subjects when they collect to be photographed. I prefer the "nothing to prove" method. I'll tell you where I want you and you do what you want to. Turns out the most intriguing moments sometimes.  

Here's what happened when we took the pressure off  the intriguing and down to earth Waugh family. They are a stylish and aspirational family with absolutely no pretense or agenda. I absolutely loved getting to know them and I'm really pleased with these images. 

photo assist Kelly Sanchez

Society Diaries

Behind the scenes video and tear sheets from the 70's inspired shoot we did with Society Diaries Magazine last Spring.

Photographer: Romy Suskin @RomySuskinPhotography 
Art Direction: Lance Avery Morgan @lance_avery_morgan
Models: Devon Yarbrough @devonfieldsy and Todiana Vasquez @todiana_89
Hair: Beth Lloyd @bethalloyd
Make-Up: Jessi Pagel Diaz  @firemakeup
Styling: Megan Kyle Bennett @MeganKyleBennett 

Norma Jeanne

Family girl, Kentuckian, artist, craftsman, musician, truck driver, business owner, and not least of all a celebrated sign painter - Norma Jeanne Maloney has been hand painting signs and buildings, one perfect brush stroke at a time, for over 25 years.

Our friendship goes way back to the early 90’s in San Francisco during the first incarnation of Red Rider Studios. I watched the town around her embrace and adore her as I do. I watched the steady expansion of her telltale signs decorate so much of what are now considered the most coveted neighborhoods of that city. I saw her reinvent herself in Nashville and then again here in Austin once again dotting the city with charm and richness. Each city is bespoke with her affable manner and steady hand.

I am super excited to have Norma Jeanne and her team painting our building this week! She is decorating our little 2 story box with a custom design by our beloved designer Grace Hall. I could not be more proud. There is nothing quite so satisfying as a successful collaboration with friends who’s talent and skill lift your own to higher ground. 

Here are a few images of Norma Jeanne at her studio in Taylor, TX.