Moj and Roya

These portraits of my dear friends Moj Mahdara and Roya Rastegar were taken in their lovely home in LA not long ago.

Recently engaged (mozel Moj & Roya!) this power team is steadily taking the reins of LA’s cultural frontier. Their moment has definitely arrived. 

Roya is an effervescent soul and a heavy weight intellect. A writer, the Director of Programing for the LA Film Festival, a professor,  a feminist who studied under Angela Davis while completing her PhD in the History of Consciousness (!!) she is stylish, quirky and deeply kind.  A total knock out to boot. Don't be confused she's in charge. 

Moj translated means wave in Farsi and truly she is a tsunami. A true force of nature. She is the power house CEO of Beautycon, listed as one this year's top 100 most creative people in Fast Co, featured in Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire Magazine’s…and that’s just this year. But that’s nothing compared to this weeks delivery. 

Yesterday my bestie hosted and introduced Hillary Rodham Clinton to a select group of digital content creators and their millions of fans in an unprecedented, live streamed town hall featured on Hillary’s Facebook page. You can read about it here.

Continually Inspired and awed by my friends. #Iambecauseyouare