Norma Jeanne

Family girl, Kentuckian, artist, craftsman, musician, truck driver, business owner, and not least of all a celebrated sign painter - Norma Jeanne Maloney has been hand painting signs and buildings, one perfect brush stroke at a time, for over 25 years.

Our friendship goes way back to the early 90’s in San Francisco during the first incarnation of Red Rider Studios. I watched the town around her embrace and adore her as I do. I watched the steady expansion of her telltale signs decorate so much of what are now considered the most coveted neighborhoods of that city. I saw her reinvent herself in Nashville and then again here in Austin once again dotting the city with charm and richness. Each city is bespoke with her affable manner and steady hand.

I am super excited to have Norma Jeanne and her team painting our building this week! She is decorating our little 2 story box with a custom design by our beloved designer Grace Hall. I could not be more proud. There is nothing quite so satisfying as a successful collaboration with friends who’s talent and skill lift your own to higher ground. 

Here are a few images of Norma Jeanne at her studio in Taylor, TX.